About ACHG

The Mission

Preserving & Promoting Northside/Allegheny/Pittsburgh History


The Allegheny City Historic Gallery preserves and promotes the history of Pittsburgh’s Northside. Prior to annexation by the City of Pittsburgh in 1906, Northside was known as Allegheny City. ACHG also hosts neighborhood reunions to bring old Northsider’s back together.

ACHG”s primary objective is to find another physical location to display images and relics from Northside’s past . ACHG would like to begin a project where all Northsiders could list their neighborhood, family name, how long they lived on the Northside and their history for future researchers. ACHG also want to try to help current researchers connect with their past providing information and possible photos. One more mission that ACHG has is to dig up targeted Northside locations to find relics. All ambitious endeavors.

Data Collection & Display

Our main goal is to collect as much digital & physical information about the Northside/Allegheny City and possible. Preferably original photos from family collections and photographer collections that are Northside based. We display photos and other data online to promote Northside’s past. It also becomes part of the online Gallery and kept in a file.


ACHG researches old Allegheny City / Northside and makes the information available on Blogs & Podcasts. Learn about what Allegheny City was like before Europeans. We also have videos of Northsiders’ recounting their past experiences and more. Watch Carol Peterson talk about Mexican War Street architecture.


ACHG creates events reuniting old friends and neighbors.


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Diane is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about design, books, wine, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


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