Dan Rooney

Most people knew Dan Rooney’s because of the Steelers. Many did not know that he was an avid lover of Northside & Allegheny history. In fact, in the latter part of his life, Dan Rooney teamed up with house historian Carol Peterson to write a book. The book is called Allegheny City. It’s about the growth and historical figures from the City of Allegheny before it was annexed by the City of Pittsburgh in 1907 and became Pittsburgh’s Northside.

Dan and the Rooney family grew up in an area known as “The Ward.” (Click Here to See the First Ward Gallery). It was a rough neighborhood located by the river. Today that neighborhood is called the North Shore. Dan wanted his next book to be about the Native Americans of Allegheny City.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Dan and the late great Carol Peterson appeared at the Allegheny City Historic Gallery to sign books and meet neighbors. They are both really missed along with Patricia Rooney who also was an avid lover of Northside and its rich history. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Dan the Man…

Dan Rooney on WTAE
Carol Peterson & Bill Gandy