Lunchtime with the Historians

Sunday, May 22, 2022 @ 1PM

Father’s Diner * 876 Progress Street * Northside * Pittsburgh, PA

If you love local history, you will be blown away by this event. Two of Pittsburgh’s popular historians, Bill Gandy & John Schalcosky, team up for one day to talk about local history. It will probably not be your typical type of history chat. The Allegheny City Historic Gallery is trying a new experiment to see if locals would be drawn to presentations involving local history. If successful, there will be more presenters in the future. We are not sure yet but if the place is too crowded, we will broadcast the event over the internet. There is no set charge for the event. We are asking for you to donate what you are able.

Bill Gandy

From the Allegheny City Historic Gallery

Bill will be covering strange, random topics from The Iroquois, Allegheny Towne, Allegheny City & Northside’s history. There will be some visuals.

Check out Bill on Storyburgh.

John Schalcosky

The Odd, Mysterious & Fascinating History of Pittsburgh

John will be covering odd, random topics from Pittsburgh & West View history. There will be visuals.

Check John out in the PG.

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Historic Podcasts by Bill Gandy

John Schalcosky Photo Collection from 1800’s – 1906